-, April 23 2020

Hello, We're Let's Elope!

This isn't going to be some cheesy normal introduction; we aren't shaking hands and unfortunately we aren't sharing a pot of coffee or a slice of cake. However, we wouldn't be doing you any favors if we didn't acknowledge the fact that we have an incredible opportunity to meet so many amazing people with Let's Elope. So, here it is. "I am Marissa and this is Tiff." Boring right? But that tends to be how it goes when we meet strangers. Names are important and it's almost a formality we want to get out of the way, so we can hear your love story. So now we can pretend we shook hands metaphorically and I can tell you about our love story!

Let's Elope is a small family business that came to life because two best friends fell in love with an idea! With lots of experience under our belt and a few degrees here or there, we started planning! (Since it's what we do best!) 

We asked ourselves some very important questions.  What if we could spend our days, listening to the fantastic stories that belong to people like you? What if our 'job' was to make people smile, enjoy moments with each other, and bring dreams to life? We sat down and started writing, drawing, drafting, laughing, crying, coffee -- so much coffee, ideas, creativity, late nights, silent meetings, breakfast, mascara, dinner, skipping lunch, more coffee! Our families shared this dream with us - as we bounced ideas from all corners and all moments of our lives and here we are today.

Let's Elope is full service elopement company based in the heart of beautiful downtown Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and our passion is in your love story. Our main goal is you! It doesn't matter if you come in for a simple ceremony, hire us to coordinate your luxury elopement, or officiate your big day, we love and appreciate you! Creating Let's Elope was just like building and planning your dream day: there has been a lot of good and a lot of growth, but commitment is the real goal isn't it? Love always wins!

So here it is, your Let's Elope handshake! It's so nice to finally meet you and we can't wait to marry you!

Written by Marissa ❤

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